Insignia v Mondeo: what you think

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Jim Holder
21 April 2008

Insignia v Mondeo: what you think

Last week, one of the most eagerly awaited new cars of 2008, the Vauxhall Insignia, broke cover.

The Insignia replaces the Vectra, and Vauxhall hopes that its all-new design will eclipse its arch-rival, the Ford Mondeo. asked readers to email their thoughts on the two cars - and the Insignia was favoured by an overwhelming majority of 72% of respondents.

If you think they're all wrong, you can add your own comments - if you like the Vauxhall Insignia, click []( Insignia)here and tell us why.

If you prefer the Ford Mondeo, just click []( Mondeo)here to say so.

Here's the pick of the comments so far:

'The Insignia looks clean and tidy, and a step up from the Vectra, so that's no bad thing. I rented a Mondeo recently and found that 'The Whale' was oversized for me, to the point where finding street parking became quite an issue. I'd like it if the Insignia didn't follow the same supersize route!

'On the expectation that it will, I suspect the next Astra will be a better size for our road conditions.

'One thing - I do prefer the Opel name and logo; it's so much cooler than Vauxhall's tired old image and overblown badge.'
David Jefferis

'From the pictures, the Insignia looks better inside and out than the Mondeo. But proper judgement will need to be reserved until both cars can be compared on the road.'
Brian McComish

'Vauxhall's continuing mediocrity never fails to shock me. Facing the Ford Mondeo, which is both imposing and good-looking, the company's new Insignia is not only unattractive and oddly proportioned, but simply less distinctive (head-on) than the car it is replacing.'
K Nwanuforo

'I think the Insignia will turn the Vauxhall company around.'
Glynis Kerrigan

The Insignia is a masterpiece. Nothing in the family class compares with the Insignia. The design language is perfect. Indeed, the Insignia is peerless: it edges past the Passat and C5, easily beats the Mondeo, and makes light weather of the Laguna, 407, Mazda 6 et al.

'I just hope it drives as well as it looks. If so, Vauxhall will have cut into the executive class, so watch out Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3 Series. Insignia has what it takes to stay on top for a long time.'
Alhassen Yelbi

'In my opinion, the new Mondeo is an excellent car and has clearly been a success for Ford; it looks fantastic, it's fun to drive, has good engines and it's priced and equipped fairly.

'The Insignia looks like it is just trying a bit too hard to better the Ford, and I would be surprised if it is able to do this, considering that the Mondeo can out-gun even the VW Passat or BMW 3 Series in some areas.

'I doubt the production model, say the mid-range 2.0 TD that will most likely be the big seller, will look as good as this prototype if they want to keep it priced in the 17k ballpark, whereas the Mondeo looks just as funky as it has from day one, even in entry-level Edge trim.'
Julian Sandiford

'The new Insignia looks sleek and sporty. It has much more modern appeal than the Mondeo. I still tend to think of the Mondeo as a car for the older generation. The Insignia looks fantastic; Im very impressed so far.'
Ruth Bell

'The Insignia is undeniably a handsome car, but I can't help but think that too many styling details are derivative. The swoopy overall form is Mondeo, the grille and headlamps seem to borrow from Mercedes and the boot lid and tail lamps seem morphed from the BMW 6 Series. Even the side sculpting says 'BMW Z4' to me somehow.

'That they were able to put these elements together as well as they have deserves credit, and the true test will be how the car drives and otherwise suits the owners' needs.

'However, in my opinion, it is not the breath of fresh air that Ford gave us with the Mondeo.'
Christopher Boada