Interior revealed

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Interior revealed

Interior revealed
All that space and versatility feels all the more exclusive now, too, thanks to a redesigned interior featuring softer-touch materials, crisper instrumentation and a neater touchscreen arrangement that eliminates many of the old car's confusing banks of buttons.

To improve ergonomics further, the screen is mounted at a slight angle, so it's relatively easy to hit your desired icon on the move.

As with previous models, the imperious driving position remains, with excellent all-round visibility and a fantastic view out over the expansive bonnet of the road ahead.

There are even a half a dozen cameras fitted to top-of-the-range HSE models that display images on the central screen, so as well as seeing around corners when you poke that long snout out of your drive, you can also see where you've come from.

You can even use the cameras and the on-board software as a trailer reversing aid.