iPhone Black Box crash recorder

* Stores video evidence before and after accident * Built-in sensor detects impacts * Records speed, location and time/date...

iPhone Black Box crash recorder

An application that turns your iPhone into a 'black box' data recorder in the event of an accident, has been revealed at the Hong Kong Electronics fair.

The IBB-01 iPhone Black Box is mounted on the windscreen and comes with a built-in wide-angle camera, an SD card slot with 4GB of memory included, and an internal g-force sensor. It is compatible with the 3GS iPhone.

The device records continuously until the G-sensor detects a sudden deceleration or impact, at which point it will store what happened 20 seconds before the event and 15 seconds after providing vital evidence for police and insurance investigations.

The unit will also store the vehicle's speed and location, using the iPhone's built-in GPS satellite-navigation.

The 'black box' can even export the location of the incident to Google Earth or provide a printable accident report.

For more information, visit the manufacturer's website at www.imusictech.com