Is BMW building a supercar?

* New concept car to be revealed * Supercar styling evident from picture * Car could rival Audi R8...

Is BMW building a supercar?

Is BMW preparing an Audi R8-rivalling supercar?

Although company officials are playing down the likelihood of a high-performance BMW, saying that it doesn't fit in with its green credentials, this is its second supercar concept this year.

The first was the M1 Hommage, which was a modern interpretation of the iconic 1970s and 1980s M1. Now, preview pictures of the GINA Light Visionary Model have been released.

The concept car, which will be revealed at the BMW Museum in Munich tomorrow, has all the hallmarks of supercar styling.

Unlike the M1 Hommage, which was a static model, this concept can be seen running in a promotional video.