JCB 16.8V Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

JCB 16.8V Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

JCB 16.8V Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner
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Strong suction and impressive battery life of up to 18 minutes make this a worthy performer. It picks up everything from fine hairs to heavy stones, and the eight nozzle tools it is sold with will cope with pretty much anything that comes their way.

Ease of operation

The cleaner charges in 12 hours and is extremely simple to use. An on-off switch operates the power, while a simple push-button control drops the dust collection box off for empting. However, it is heavy, and you soon feel the exertion of using it, despite the soft-grip handle.


It's not cheap, but it is good. As well as the cleaner, charger base and eight attachments, you get a sturdy box to store it all in and a spare filter.


It won't win any awards for styling, but it's as rugged as one of the firm's diggers and despite being made entirely of plastic, it looks and feels like it would shrug off any knocks, scrapes or drops without a second thought.

Special features

The eight cleaning tools supply a vast array of options for cleaning different types of muck and reaching into all a car's crevices. The sturdy carry case is also a boon, as it means you can keep all the kit tidy. The cleaner has a 12-month guarantee.