Joe Swash

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Joe Swash
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What Car? Staff
17 Nov 2008 13:40

Joe Swash
Age 26
Occupation Actor
Phobias Rats and snakes
Special skills Lifting loads and practical jokes

Former EastEnders star Joe is a self-confessed rebel who's quite happy to wind up people just for a bit of entertainment, so we think a brash, loud car should perfectly suit.

That said, he's probably too young and not famous enough to afford the insurance on anything that veers into supercar territory.

He also admits that his mum still bears the brunt of his practical jokes, so we'd better choose something that she'd approve of.

What Car?'s recommendation Mazda MX-5

Why? It has all the sporty appeal Joe could wish for and doesn't cost the earth to buy or run. While he'd almost certainly order it in a lairy colour, his long-suffering mum should at least be appeased by the lure of Japanese reliability.