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Join The Motoring Panel and be heard

We’ve created The Motoring Panel to give you the chance to shape the future of our magazines and websites, and that of the motor industry as a whole.

We’re always striving to make our motoring websites and magazines the best they can be, and your feedback is vital to helping us achieve that goal.

Join The Motoring Panel and be heard

Haymarket’s Motoring Panel is an online community that’s open to all our readers across What Car?, Autocar and PistonHeads.

Sign up and you’ll receive an online survey once a month in your inbox, and you'll be able to vote in polls about the hottest topics affecting the motor industry.

It’s not just us who are listening to your feedback and studying the results of the surveys. The motor industry’s biggest players are also interested to learn what you think. Join the panel and have your say in the future of the car industry.

To become part of the discussion, all you need to do is register by clicking the link below and filling in your details, including a valid email address.

Join The Motoring Panel

Once approved, you’ll start receiving surveys and have the opportunity to vote in our Motoring Panel polls. Recent topics we’ve been discussing have included our readers’ car buying experiences, what sort of fuel their next car will use and what they think of the self-driving cars of the future.

The results of these surveys shape our understanding of what interests our readers; they are published for the whole industry to read.

Recent insights include the fact that the British car-buying public would rather pay extra for infotainment upgrades than add safety equipment to their next new car, and that one in four would be happy to sleep while their autonomous car does the driving.

British drivers choose digital radio over life-saving safety kit
One in four drivers happy to sleep in cars that drive themselves

Big changes are afoot for the car industry, don’t miss out on your opportunity to shape its future.

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