June 3: VW Polo has a leak

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June 3: VW Polo has a leak

Name Sarah Gordon
Age 26
Lives Marlow, Bucks
Car Volkswagen Polo
Problem Water leak

Sarah Gordons VW Polo was serviced at an independent garage, three years to the day after it was first registered. The garage pointed out that water was getting in and ruining the carpets on the passenger side, and that the leak had been there for some time.

The next day, Sarah booked the car in to her local VW dealer, Citygate Volkswagen in Wycombe. Citygate charged 30 to inspect the car and told Sarah the repairs could cost 850.

We contacted VW on Sarahs behalf and pointed out the car was only just outside the warranty period. However, a subsequent inspection, carried out for free by VW, found that two bolts were missing from the wing of the car, which was where the water was getting in.

• Keep an open mind as to the cause of a leak.
• Ask the manufacturer to consider a goodwill payment on a car just out of warranty.
Two years before, the front wing of the car had been repaired under Sarahs insurance. It seemed likely this repair hadnt been up to scratch.

Sarah contacted her insurance company, Churchill, which agreed to pay for the leak to be repaired provided it could see VWs report. Churchill has been sent the report and the repair bill. Sarahs Polo is now leak-free.

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