Lightning Car Company

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Jim Holder
22 July 2008

Lightning Car Company

Peterborough-based Lightning Car Company has launched its electric-powered Lightning GT at the British Motor Show.

Lightning says the car has the equivalent of 700bhp, a 0-60mph time of four seconds, and a restricted top speed of 130mph.

The GT has motors in each of its wheels - effectively making it four-wheel drive - and a regenerative braking system to help recharge the batteries.

Weight-saving technologies include the use of a spaceframe chassis and carbonfibre, and Kevlar body panels. Features include traction control and a home charging system.

Most intriguingly, it also has a built-in, programmable engine noise sound system to let other drivers or pedestrians hear you coming.

Lightning hasn't yet confirmed final specifications or pricing, although a price tag of around 150,000 is expected.

However, the company says that it will only push ahead with production once a finance partner is signed up, and although reservations are being taken, cars won't be built until 2010.