Lone drivers scared of breakdowns

* 93% of women admit to being scared * 45% of male drivers feel the same * Many drivers dont take basic precautions...

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David Motton
03 March 2008

Lone drivers scared of breakdowns

Two thirds of drivers are scared of breaking down alone, according to new research by Britannia Rescue.

The breakdown organisation interviewed 2000 adults, and found that 93% of women would feel scared and vulnerable if they broke down on their own. Nearly half of all male drivers (45%) feel the same way.

Any good Samaritan stopping to help might not be welcome. Almost seven out of ten women would not want a male driver to stop and help. More than one in five women wouldnt want anyone to stop, male or female.

In spite of these concerns, Britannia Rescue found that many drivers arent taking sensible precautions. Two thirds of lone drivers fail to let someone know where they are going while nearly half fail to make sure theyre mobile phone is charged. Only two out of five make sure they have the details of their breakdown cover with them.