Long wait over for Hyundai customers?

* Delays in 2.0-litre diesel versions * Customers get replacement 1.7 version now * Pay the difference when 2.0 version delivered...

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What Car? Staff
16 March 2011

Long wait over for Hyundai customers?

Hyundai has come up with an innovative offer for customers facing long delays on 2.0-litre CRDi versions of its iX35 crossover.

What Car? readers have reported of delays of more than five months for their iX35, with Hyundai blaming unprecedented demand for the 2.0-litre variant.

However, Hyundai says it's offering the 200 customers who have faced the longest wait immediate delivery of a 1.7 diesel version.

The customer will pay for the 1.7 variant now and when their 2.0-litre version is ready, they will change cars and pay the difference.

Hyundai will also give customers 300 for the inconvenience of having to change insurance policies.

Hyundai is writing to the affected customers to inquire if they want to take up the offer.

Hyundai is currently looking at the feasibility of rolling out this offer to other customers.