Lorry drivers in fuel protest

* A40 closed; M4, M25 affected * Petition handed into Downing Street * Diesel 126.7p a litre...

Lorry drivers in fuel protest

Lorry drivers are set to take part in a day of protest about the spiralling costs of fuel.

The action will close the A40, on of the main routes into central London, as hauliers travel in convoy to hand in a petition to 10 Downing Street.

The M25 around London and the M4 in south Wales will also be affected in separate protests.

With the average price of diesel now 126.7p per litre and a further 2p per litre tax rise due in the autumn, hauliers claim the rising price of fuel will put many out of business.

'Fuel is rocketing,' said Mile Presneil of Transaction 2007. 'Hundreds of UK transport firms are being driven to the wall. The Government has to power to act but appears not to be listening.'