Lotus Exige Stealth/Scura

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Lotus Exige Stealth/Scura

When virtually every other European manufacturer has decided to skip the Tokyo motor show, why is Lotus here?

Simple economics, that's why. Japan is Lotus's third biggest market and with 27 dealers in Japan, the dealer network here is bigger than in the UK.

Lotus has a couple of gems to show off to its Japanese fans, too.

The Evora and Exige Scura
Taking centre stage is the Evora, but we've already driven that car, so it's the Exige Stealth that's caught our eye.

The car will be called the Exige Scura in the UK and the most striking element is its matt black paint job.

Other differences from the standard Exige include new wheels and there's a carbonfibre rear spoiler, air intakes and front splitter.

The car also has specially formulated tyres made from a unique compound that's just for Lotus.

There's more carbon in the cabin - on the seats and centre console - and a mesh floor made of anodised aluminium.

The Scura is powered by a 260bhp engine that's from the Exige Cup 260.

This car also has launch control and what Lotus calls varying slip traction control, which essentially means you can have the safety aid on 100%, off 100% or any percentage in between.

You can further fettle the car, too, as the suspension is adjustable - there are 60 settings on the damper unit, and you can also drop the ride height by 10mm.

So do you want one? Better get in quick then because Lotus plans to make just 35 of these cars. The Scura will cost 45,000 in the UK.