Low-emission estates

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Low-emission estates
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Will Nightingale
1 Dec 2008 11:10

The company I work for has changed its fleet policy, so that employees can only lease cars emitting less than 150g/km of CO2. I need an estate with an automatic gearbox, and so far Ive been unable to find anything suitable. Please help!
David Gibson

The good news is there are cars that fit the bill. The bad news is there are only three to choose from.

The cheapest is the Mini Clubman Cooper D. With an auto 'box its list price is 16,470, while it pumps out 136g/km of CO2.

However, although the Clubman is an estate in shape, it has a pretty cramped boot and no rear doors, so might not be practical enough for your needs.

The Volkswagen Golf Estate 1.9 TDI SE DSG will cost you more to lease than the Mini as the list price is 18,765, but its much more practical and CO2 output is only 139g/km.

The BMW 318d Touring ES is another alternative. Monthly payments will be considerably higher because the list price is 26,905, but the 3 Series Touring is a cracking car and puffs out only 146g/km of CO2. If you can afford the extra its the car wed go for.