Lucky dip - part 1

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Lucky dip - part 1

We've picked the best car gadgets and goodies so you don't have to Picking the best sat-nav, Bluetooth or even alloy wheel cleaner can be almost as tricky as choosing the right car.

With so many similar products around, how can you be sure you're getting the best?

Read our 2010 Product Awards and you won't go far wrong. You'll find more detailed reviews of more than 100 products online at

If you're looking for less-conventional inspiration for gifts this Christmas, we've also added a page packed full of lucky dips.

Lucky dip
Land Rover Phone S1
Price from 226.04
As tough and capable as Land Rover's cars, this phone can survive being dropped onto
a hard surface or dunked in water. It also keeps working in temperatures from -20 to +55C.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Pedal Car
Price 145.25
Alfa has sold out of full-size 8C Competiziones, but it's still making these pedal cars for kids. At least this one's a bit more affordable.

Caterham 7 Classic kit
Price from 12,995
Caterham's self-build kit is 2500 cheaper than buying the factory-built car. It's great fun to make and to drive just don't expect to have it up and running for a Boxing Day blast.

Radio-controlled Fiat 500
Price 17.32
The full-size Fiat 500 is great value and any fashionista's dream, but this radio-controlled model costs less than 20 and looks just as funky. It's available in three colours: red, white or yellow.

Silverstone Christmas Super Choice voucher
Price 99
Buy this before Christmas and the lucky recipient can choose to drive a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, a rally car or a Formula Silverstone single-seater.