Man squeezes 13 people into a Volvo

* Man guilty of dangerous driving * 13 people were found in his Volvo S70 * Banned for 12 months and fined 900...

Man squeezes 13 people into a Volvo
24 Jun 2008 15:09

Here at, we're quite often asked by those with larger families about MPVs with more than seven seats.

Abraham Gniwosch, from Tottenham in north London, decided not to go the expense of buying a large MPV - he felt his five-seat Volvo S70 saloon could do the job just as well.

In fact, he was caught by police with 13 people aboard his Volvo in Llandudno, Conwy, last August.

PC Roger Brazel said he found an adult male and a boy in the front passenger seat, and there were two women with infants on their laps in the back.

The other six passengers, all young children, were either sitting or standing in the centre section of the back seat.

None of the passengers were wearing a seatbelt.

Mr Gniwosch said he wasn't driving dangerously, adding that he had been driving at no more than 20mph.

'I'm not a quick driver, I'm a slow driver,' he said. 'I've been silly in what I've done, but not dangerous.'

The magistrates in Llandudno didn't agree - Mr Gniwosch was given a 12-month driving ban and ordered to pay over 900 in fines and costs. A request from the prosecution for the car to be confiscated was denied.