Mazda's baby 4x4

* See artist's impression * Smaller version of CX-7 * Won't go on sale in UK...

Mazda's baby 4x4

Mazda will unveil a small 4x4 at the Moscow motor show in August.

The car, which will be smaller than the current CX-7, is styled in Mazda's Nagare design theme, which has previously been seen on the Nagare, Ryuga, Furai, Taiki and Hakaze concept cars.

Although the show car is a concept, it is expected to go into production in a modified form.

However, it has been designed specifically for the Russian market, which will become the biggest market for new cars in Europe next year, overtaking Germany. 4x4s have a 20% market share in Russia.

As a result, it is unlikely to be sold in the UK.