Meet Vitality: a new kind of car insurance

Find out how rewarding good driving can be, with cover that gives you weekly coffees and movie rentals, while also helping you control your insurance costs...

What Car? has partnered with Vitality car insurance to explain how we can all be better drivers

When it comes to car insurance, it seems that – no matter how well you drive and how good your intentions – your costs keep going up. But, at What Car?, we like to think that good habits behind the wheel deserve to be encouraged. 

That’s why we’re proud to have partnered with Vitality Car Insurance – a new type of comprehensive cover that actively celebrates and rewards your good driving. The better you drive the more points and rewards you accrue – and the more we all become better, safer and greener drivers. So, how does it work in practice?

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Introducing the ABCDS of good driving: acceleration, braking, cornering, distraction and speed

Drive better and greener: as easy as ABCDS

In the same way that Vitality health insurance gently encourages you to be healthier by giving you points every time you walk more, do an active sport or go to the gym, Vitality car insurance recognises and rewards you when you drive better – and even when you don’t drive at all.

Getting started is easy. Simply attach Vitality’s Good Driving sensor to your windscreen – it’s essentially a wearable fitness device for your car – then sync it with the Vitality Member app on your smartphone. You’re now ready to get rewarded.

On every journey, the Vitality Good Driving sensor recognises and rates good driving – based around the core principles of acceleration, braking, cornering, distraction and speed. So, learning how to be a better driver and get rewarded more is as easy as remembering your ABCDS.

The better you drive, the more Vitality points you accrue. Equally, to help encourage us all to reduce our impact on the world, Vitality will reward you for car-free days and will also automatically offset up to 100% of your daily carbon emissions, depending on how well you drive.

Drive well most days, or leave the car at home, and you could earn enough points to make you eligible for great rewards – such as a handcrafted drink from Caffe Nero or up to 25% cashback every month (based on your monthly premium).

Drive well, and you accumulate points for rewards – including hand-crafted drinks from Caffe Nero

Controlling your costs and keeping driving fun

Equally, Vitality car insurance rewards consistently good driving and improvements in your driving over the long run help you control your long-term insurance costs. 

Build up your driving skills to achieve Gold or Platinum status, and you can reduce your excess by up to £250 in the event of a claim. Plus, if you stay claim-free, you can earn a No Increase Guarantee at renewal.

“I've driven with a Good Driving sensor and have no doubt its presence improved my driving,” said What Car? Editorial Director Jim Holder. “Because I wanted good scores, I was more conscious of my actions and more aware of the need to drive more smoothly and more efficiently - with the benefit of using less fuel and putting less wear and tear on my car. It was also quite enjoyable to interrogate my results after each journey, and constantly learn how to improve them.”

As What Car? Editorial Director Jim Holder says, being a better driver is all about simple changes

Support you can trust

Vitality car insurance is cover you can trust. It has been awared a 5 Star Defaqto rating, and comes from a company that is rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

Equally, the Vitality car insurance UK Claims Team are on-hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. And, if the worst should happen and you do hit trouble, Vitality’s comprehensive support gives you the confidence of great cover.

In addition to cover for windscreen repair and replacement locks if you lose or have your keys stolen, Vitality car insurance is there to take the stress out of accidents – with the use of a courtesy car when you use an approved car repairer, cover for travel or overnight accommodation, and uninsured driver protection. Plus, you get a lifetime guarantee on car repairs when you use an approved repairer.

You can also add optional extras to your Vitality car insurance policy – including legal protection, breakdown cover, replacement car cover and no-claims discount protection cover – helping you combine more of your car costs in one easy to manage package.

There are no mid-term adjustment fees, and – if you need to make changes to your plan during the year – you won't pay an admin fee (although your premium may go up or down depending on the changes you make).

So, if you want to find how rewarding good driving can be, it’s time to check out Vitality car insurance. 

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