Millions fear motorways, says survey

* One in seven drivers lack motorway skills * Some avoid them altogether * Motorways are safest roads...

Millions fear motorways, says survey

One in seven drivers suffers from a motorway phobia, according to a research by the AA.

Nearly five million drivers admit they don't feel confident driving on motorways, which, according to the AA Driving School survey, has created a 'lost generation' of motorists who avoid motorways at all costs.

Dubbed 'M-phobia', the AA claims that thousands of drivers could be using more dangerous A-roads as they struggle to avoid motorways.

Britain's most feared roads
Cases of 'M-phobia' included:

•A taxi driver who had refused all jobs involving motorway driving since witnessing a motorway accident 20 years ago.

•A second-generation motorway avoider who has never been on a motorway, even as a passenger, because her mother shunned them at all costs.

•A terrified driver who panicked when joining the M6 from a slip road, after a driver in lane one slowed and flashed to let her in. She lost her nerve, slowed to the other driver's speed and ended up 'sandwiched' driving beside them on the hard shoulder.

AA Driving School Director Simon Douglas said: 'The evidence suggests motorways are Britain's most feared roads, with a lost generation of drivers avoiding them completely. Yet, statistically, they are our safest roads.'