Money-saving tips

Money-saving tips

You can make holiday driving safer, more relaxed and more enjoyable if you do a little planning and preparation - and it can save you money.

Here are our top tips for cash-saving preparations before you go.

Lose some weight
Don't overload your car before you set off.

If you do, the engine has to work harder, consuming more fuel, and you increase the chances of the car breaking down.

So, empty your boot of anything that you don't need while you're away.

Roof boxes and roof racks are useful for carrying bulky items, but they add aerodynamic drag, which increases fuel consumption, so avoid using them if you can.

Likewise, if you open windows or sunroofs, that will also slow you down and use more fuel.

Maintain your car
Look after your car and it will use less fuel and stay reliable.

Stick to the manufacturer's service schedule, and get the work carried by a competent garage.

For ultimate peace of mind, consider getting the car serviced before you go away.

Under-inflated tyres can increase your fuel consumption, so check them before you leave.

Fill your tank to the brim before you set off, too, and try not to make fuel stops at motorway service stations - you'll pay through the nose.

Avoid only partially filling your tank - less fuel will be lost to evaporation if you fill it to the top.

Plan your journey
If you don't need to travel during rush hour, then don't

Avoid the congested times, and you'll spend less time sitting in traffic.

Plan a route that misses congested areas or roadworks and try to stick to roads that allow you to make steady progress.

If you have a long drive, change drivers every two hours, if possible, so that whoever's at the wheel will be alert.