More dog safety products

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More dog safety products

Front seat car guard, Mont Blanc
Price: 19.99

This guard fits between the two front seats to stop Fido jumping into the front cabin. It's easy to fit and only high-jumpers will get over it. However, the build quality isn't great and even with the two straps firmly fixed around the headrest it wobbles.

Car safety hammock, RAC
Price: 34.95

An easy-to-install hammock that fits in any size of car using bungee cords around the headrests. It protects the seats from dirt and fur, and stops Fido slipping off the rear seat into the footwells. Can be used in conjunction with the dog harness for extra security.

Tubular car guard, Mont Blanc
Price: 29.99

This two-piece guard with legs is simple enough to slot together, but it's a little fiddly to install. The legs have to be extended to press the top of the guard against the car's roof, and getting a snug fit isn't easy. The extending sides are a neat touch and it should fit most vehicles.

Mesh guard, Mont Blanc
Price: 39.99

A single mesh guard slots into legs, making this feel slightly more solid than the tubular guard. Getting a solid, secure fit is still quite fiddly. The mesh sides can be extended and clipped into place to ensure a good fit across the car.