Most economical Auris announced

* New Auris HSD emits just 89g/km CO2 * More economical than Prius * On sale in the summer...

Most economical Auris announced

The new Auris HSD hybrid will have the lowest CO2 emissions in its class, Toyota has announced. The model, which will be officially unveiled at the Geneva show tomorrow, will emit just 89g/km CO2 and return 74.3mpg.

Essentially, the HSD is an Auris with the same powertrain as the Prius, and while the Auris matches the emissions of the lowest-polluting Prius, its slightly more economical.

Also like the Prius, the British-built Auris HSD incurs just 10% company car tax liability thanks to its low emissions. Plus, it can be driven for up to 1.2 miles solely on electric power, generating zero emissions.

Its arrival means the Auris range will be unique in the small family car class in offering petrol-, diesel- and hybrid-powered versions.

Toyota says that while the Auris is the first of its mainstream models to be available as a hybrid, it wont be the last. The company says that, by the early 2020s, every one of its models will be available as a hybrid.