Most irritating driving habits

* Tailgaters are most hated * Causes 16% of motorway crashes * Top nine irritating habits listed...

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What Car? Staff
17 July 2009

Most irritating driving habits

Tailgaters are the UK's most-hated road users.

Nearly 40% of drivers questioned, in a poll by the AA and Autocar magazine, said that they were most irritated by motorists who drive too close to the car in front.

Accidents and injuries are also more likely when motorists tailgate, according to the AA's president, Edmund King: 'Drivers were spot-on to highlight their irritation with tailgaters', he said. Data reveals that leaving pure human error aside tailgaters fall just behind "loss of control" as the major cause of crashes.

'It's also a problem on dual carriageways, country lanes and in road works. Some drivers tailgate to bully others out of the way, others because they just don't think of the potentially tragic consequences of their actions.'

Police figures reveal that tailgating is responsible for 16% of motorway accidents.

Most irritating driving habits
1) Tailgating 36%
2) Talking on the mobile phone while driving 23%
3) Middle lane hogging 18%
4) Swooping 6%
5) Driving slowly 5%
6) Undertaking 4%
7) Littering 4%
8) Speeding 3%
9) Other 1%