Motorists expect longer warranties

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Tom Webster
19 December 2011

Motorists expect longer warranties

Drivers now expect continuous warranty cover on their vehicles, thanks to the increase in extended deals provided by manufacturers and used car sellers.

It has got to the stage where motorists feel uncomfortable if they dont have warranty cover, according to the RAC.

Ian Simpson, sales and marketing director at RAC Warranty, said: A warranty is no longer considered a nicety by the customer, but instead is seen as something approaching a necessity.

This has come about because warranties have increased from the 12-month norm of 20 years ago, to current packages where consumers can expect up to seven-year, or even 'lifetime' deals.

Mr Simpson said this created an opportunity for used car sellers to offer a package based around the time the customer expected to keep the car, referred to as a lifestyle warranty.

A warranty is a peace-of-mind product that provides the customer with a high level of reassurance at a time when they might not feel completely secure about their economic future, he said.

A lifestyle warranty is the ideal product for that mindset, creating a safety net for the customer over the life of their vehicle ownership and perhaps also planned to align with their vehicle finance and service plans.

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