New BMW CS grand tourer nears reality

* Set for launch in 2010 * Based on 7 Series * Closely resembles Concept CS...

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What Car? Staff
01 February 2008

New BMW CS grand tourer nears reality

This striking computer-generated image shows how BMW's new Gran Turismo might look.

Based on the luxurious 7 Series, it should go on sale in 2010 and closely resembles the Concept CS shown at Shanghai last year.

Dubbed the Gran Turismo (the final name has yet to be decided), the car should boast many of the 7 Series' features and engines, and will challenge the forthcoming Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide.

The Gran Turismo is likely to be even longer than the 7 Series, and will also lose a seat, giving occupants even more room.

BMW is hoping to attract buyers of both luxury saloons and sports cars, thanks to the car's four-door design and coupe styling.