New Jaguar I-Pace – 21 things you need to know

As we prepare to drive Jaguar's electric car for the first time, our guide gives you the inside line on what to expect...

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The I-Pace is, according to What Car? readers, the most anticipated new car of 2018.

It's Jaguar's first attempt at an electric car and takes the form of a family SUV. Its main rival, for the time being at least, is Tesla's larger and more expensive Model X, but we know that Audi, BMW and Mercedes are readying their own all-electric SUVs for launch in the near future.

The wait for the all-important What Car? verdict on the I-Pace is almost over, because we'll be driving it next week, although we won't be able to tell you what it's like until the beginning of June. Until then, here are 21 things you need to know about this ground-breaking car.