New Jaguar I-Pace vs Tesla Model S

The electric car market is amping up with the arrival of the Jaguar I-Pace SUV. Has the Tesla Model S finally met its match?...

Jaguar I-Pace
Jaguar I-Pace

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

Interior quality isn’t normally a Jaguar strength, but the I-Pace is different. Not only is the design suitably swish, but the fixtures and fittings also feel robust and built to last. Okay, material quality still isn’t going to worry the likes of Audi, but the I-Pace is as classy inside as electric cars get and feels like it’s worth its asking price.

The Model S is more of a mixed bag. Our test car suffered some squeaks and rattles, something we’ve experienced before in other examples, while some of the dashboard buttons and panels feel a bit flimsy compared with their equivalents in the I-Pace. The overall impression is suitably futuristic, though.

Tesla Model S

There’s nothing wrong with either driving position. You sit much higher in the I-Pace, but whether that’s a good thing really comes down to personal preference. The electrically adjustable seats and steering wheels in both cars offer plenty of adjustment, but the I-Pace’s leather sports seats (standard with SE trim) are more supportive around the sides than those in the Model S.

Visibility is acceptable rather than exceptional in both. The front pillars can impede views at junctions, but more so in the I-Pace.

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