New Seat Ateca vs Audi Q2 vs Ford Kuga

There’s plenty of interest in family SUVs that are fun to drive, but is it worth stumping up the extra cash for a sporty trim?...

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What Car? team
10 November 2016

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

After all that drama on the outside, it’s fair to say that getting into any of our contenders is a bit of an anticlimax. They all look and feel much the same as lesser versions in their respective ranges, with few clues to remind you that you’ve stumped up extra cash for a sporty trim level.

Look hard and you will spot ‘FR’ and ‘S Line’ badges on the corresponding steering wheels of the Ateca andQ2, along with some shiny metal pedals in all three cars. And in the Ateca, you can pay £281 for brightly coloured dashboard and door trim highlights if you like your interior colour schemes a little less Fifty Shades of Grey, which is what you’ll otherwise get in all of our protagonists.


New Seat Ateca vs Audi Q2 vs Ford Kuga

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Q2 wins the day for interior quality. But it’s closer than you might have guessed, because parts of the Q2’s dashboard are made of hard rather than soft-touch plastic. You simply won’t find that in any other Audi model. The buttons, dials and switches all operate slickly, though, and the leather on the steering wheel feels suitably plush, so it still has the edge over the Ateca.

The Kuga, quite frankly, feels like a £15,000 car inside rather than one with an asking price approaching £30,000.


New Seat Ateca vs Audi Q2 vs Ford Kuga

The Ateca and Kuga both have suitably elevated driving positions, whereas you sit noticeably nearer terra firma in the Q2. The basic driving positions are sound in all three, though, with a good range of seat and steering wheel adjustment to help you get comfy. Thanks to extra-big seat bolsters, you won’t find yourself sliding around on twisting country roads in any of our trio, although the Ateca’s seats are the most supportive and the Kuga’s least so – especially around the shoulders and under the thighs.