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New Skoda Octavia vs used Audi A3: verdict

Few family cars are able to compete with the new Skoda Octavia – is a used Audi A3, with its similar price tag, one of them? We find out.....

Seat Leon 2021 nose

New Skoda Octavia vs used Audi A3 – alternatives

New rivals, used rivals

The latest Seat Leon is an excellent alternative to a new Octavia; it comes with most of that car’s plus points and throws in a more well-rounded driving experience and a slightly cheaper price. For the best handling in the class, however, still look towards the Ford Focus ST-Line. 

Arguably, our used A3’s most direct competition is from the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class. We believe the A3 is a better car than those two, but they’re still definitely worth considering, the A-class for its comfort and quietness and the 1 Series for its interior and infotainment system. 

BMW 1 Series 2021 front right cornering


New Skoda Octavia vs used Audi A3 – which is best?

Our verdict

This is a very close call. Ultimately, if you had either of these two parked on your driveway we think you’d be delighted. 

The A3 is still a terrific family car and it’s a good used buy, too. It’s great to drive and has a fantastic driving position. That you can get a nearly new car with four rings on the bonnet for the same price as a similar one with a Skoda badge will also make it a very tempting proposition for a lot of people. 

However, our money would go on the Octavia, because it matches the A3's prowess in nearly all departments and actually excels in a number of the more important ones. It’s more spacious and practical, and it’s more comfortable, too. That it should also be cheaper to run seals the deal here.

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