New vs Old

* Price from 14k * Hatch on sale November * Three-door coupe in 2009...

New vs Old

The new Megane is based on the outgoing model to help reduce production costs and allow Renault to pour more money into quality and equipment.

However, the wheels are a little further apart, both front-to-rear (wheelbase) and across the axles (track).

There have also been revisions to the suspension and steering settings in an effort to make it more involving to drive than the over-light model of today.

The coupes have stiffer springs, a thicker rear anti-roll bar and the lower ride height already mentioned with the aim of making them a bit more sporty.

The slight increase in wheelbase has made only a marginal improvement to rear knee space, which is just on the right side of adequate, but there seems to be a bit more elbow room as a result of the extra width.

The hatch and Coupe have identical split-folding rear bench seats, but different luggage capacities.

Both are considerably larger than before 405 litres for the hatch and 377 litres for the Coupe when running in five-seat format.