Nicola McLean

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17 Nov 2008 13:40 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Nicola McLean
Age 25
Occupation Glamour model and WAG
Phobias Heights, spiders, snakes, rats, moths and butterflies
Special skills Cooking

Nicola is a glamour model who describes herself as loud, competitive and outrageous, so we're guessing she's in the market for a car that's just as bold and brassy.

Looking forward to her time in the jungle she says she's most scared of boredom, so it's important that her car provides enough thrills to keep her entertained.

However, putting our practical heads on, we had better remember that glamour models don't tend to have long careers, so we'll need to find a car that doesn't break the bank to buy or run - and that can be sold on for good money in a few years.

What Car?'s recommendation Volkswagen Eos

Why? What better car for a show-off than one with a folding roof. As Nicola's blonde locks wave in the wind, she'll be able to drive along with the assured look of someone who knows they've bought a great car at the right price.