Nissan extends scrappage deal

* Offer extended by three months * Covers cars aged 8-10 years old * Buy a Nissan Micra from £5995...

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What Car? Staff
1 Jul 2009 08:56 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Nissan has extended its own scrappage scheme for a further three months.

The scheme means that drivers who buy a British-built Nissan will get a £2000 minimum trade-in on an 8-10-year-old car until September.

Nissan's offer extends the Government's scrappage scheme, which includes cars over 10 years old.

The scheme was originally planned to end on June 30, but has been extended after a significant boost in Nissan's sales around 3000 new Micras have been ordered through the offer.

Along with the Micra, other British-built models include the Note, Qashqai and Qashqai+2. A new Micra bought through the scheme could cost just £5995.

Nissan's UK MD, Paul Willcox, said: 'Our £2000 minimum trade-in provides what the Government's scrappage scheme fell short of offering: a real incentive to buy a British-built car and a guaranteed trade-in value for owners of eight, nine and 10-year-old cars.'