Nissan predicts shortage of Leafs

* Early adopters fill order books * Nissan predicts shortages * UK order book opens in July...

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What Car? Staff
28 Apr 2010 9:30 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Demand for the Nissan Leaf will outstrip supply, according to the electric car's manufacturer.

Nissan predicts there will be shortages of the all-electric Leaf within the first three months of sales, which begin later this year.

Sales might also be buoyed by Nissan's claim that the Leaf will be cheaper to buy and run than its main competitor, the Toyota Prius. Nissan has stated its intention to make the Leaf the world's first affordable, mass-market electric vehicle.

Strong pre-orders
Pre-orders for the Leaf have been strong, with around 7000 orders in the US and 4000 placed in Japan.

UK orders
UK buyers can pre-order the Nissan Leaf online from July. Initially, these orders will be fulfilled by imported vehicles.

The first Leafs, which will be manufactured in Japan, will hit the road later this year, with USA-made vehicles following in 2012 and British-built cars rolling off Nissan's Sunderland production line in 2013.