Nissan seat to cut fatigue by 50%

* More support from pelvis to chest * reduces loads on spine and improves blood flow * For Nissan and Infiniti models...

Nissan seat to cut fatigue by 50%

Nissan has developed a new seat, which it says can reduce driver fatigue by 50%.

The 'comfortable seat with spinal support' is exactly how it is described it provides more support for the spine from the pelvis up to the chest than a conventional car seat.

A Nissan spokesman said the seats will be introduced into new Nissans and Infinitis from next year. The 'comfortable seat with spinal support' can be covered in either fabric or leather, so won't just be limited to high-end models.

'The seat provides continuous support from the pelvis to the chest and works to reduce muscular and spinal loads and improve blood flow,' said Nissan's spokesman. 'This will reduce fatigue over long periods.'

In our quick 'road test' of the seat at the company's factory in Oppama in Japan the seat did feel comfortable, providing more support around the hips and shoulders.