Nissan's electric car takes shape

* Fully electric vehicle * On sale in 2010 * Sat-nav to cut 'range anxiety'...

Nissan's electric car takes shape

Nissan has revealed more details of its new all-electric vehicle.

On sale in 2010, initially in Japan and the US, Nissan has revealed a prototype based on its Tiida model (which isn't sold in the UK).

Power will come from a 107bhp electric motor, which will be powered by a lithium-ion battery that Nissan says won't cut cabin or luggage space.

A 99-mile range will be possible, according to Nissan, helped by a regenerative brake system that recharges the battery under braking and deceleration.

Range anxiety addressed
'Range anxiety' will be addressed by a new sat-nav system that shows:

•A display of the driving radius currently within range
•If a pre-set destination is within range
•The latest information on available charging stations within the vehicle's current range
•Information on each charging station

A mobile phone link with the car can also be created, which allows the driver to be constantly updated with the car's state of charge via text messages.

The system will also allow drivers to use their phone to switch on or turn off the charging system, and to set an air-conditioning timer.

The car will be revealed in full at the opening of Nissan's new global headquarters in Yokohama on August 2.