Nissan's electric future on show

* Electric cars and concepts* New 'Fuga' and 'Roox' models* All at Tokyo motor show...

Nissan's electric future on show
8 Oct 2009 10:30

Nissan has told us what concept cars and future models it will be displaying at the Tokyo motor show later this month.

Electric vehicles (EVs) top the bill, including the Nissan Leaf which is scheduled for launch in late 2010 and an electric concept car called the Land Glider.

Other models with conventional engines, but futuristic looks, include the crossover Qazana, as well as the Fuga and Roox, both of which are to be launched (although not in the UK) later this year.

Nissan says the Leaf is the first electric car designed for large-scale production, and it plans to start building the EV late next year.

The Leaf will have a range of more than 100 miles from a full charge, and Nissan is aiming to achieve zero emissions.

Land Glider
This compact electric concept car is aimed at the urban market. It has a narrow, lightweight body, and is designed to help reduce traffic congestion and take up less parking space.

Inspired by beach buggies and motorcycles, Nissan describes the Qazana as a 'compact sport crossover'. The distinctive styling includes large wheelarches and a centre console that looks like a motorcycle seat.

Production models
Also on show will be the Fuga, Nissan's range-topping saloon and the Roox, a deceptively roomy mini-MPV.

Emissions targets
Nissan says it's focussing on its goal of zero emissions by developing electric vehicle technologies and a battery-charging infrastructure. The company will be showcasing hybrid technology, as well as 'clean diesel' technology on its show stand.

The Tokyo motor show is open to the public from October 24 to November 4. We'll have full updates on the latest cars and news from the show.

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