No new Daihatsus in recession

* Importer not importing Daihatsus * Poor rate of exchange is blamed * New imports not expected...

No new Daihatsus in recession

Potential Daihatsu customers can buy cars only from stock already in the country, as the importer of the Daihatsus, International Motors, is not buying any new stock from Japan.

A spokesman for International Motors said that the company hasn't imported any new Daihatsus 'for a few months' and doesn't expect to do so again until the current economic climate improves.

The poor rate of exchange between the pound and the yen, and the recession's impact on car sales are being blamed.

According to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), Daihatsu sold 281 cars in September, compared with more than 1000 cars in September 2008.

Daihatsu has around 100 dealers in the UK and currently sells the Charade, Materia and Sirion superminis, the Copen convertible and Terios SUV.