Ogling causes 900,000 accidents

* Motorists distracted by attractive pedestrians * Billboards featuring attractive people also turn heads * Men more likely to stare than women...

Ogling causes 900,000 accidents

Drivers ogling attractive men or women cause up to 900,000 road accidents a year, according to new research.

In a survey by insurer Direct Line, 37% of respondents admitted to being distracted by attractive pedestrians, while 21% said billboards showing pictures of attractive men or women are also a distraction.

However, independent research has also revealed that the number of people distracted by ogling could be even higher.

An observational study carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory, suggests the number of motorists distracted by attractive pedestrians was 70%.

Men are more likely to be distracted: 60% admitted to ogling pedestrians, while 17% claimed they 'could not help but look'.

In contrast, only 12% of women said that a good-looking pedestrian had caused them to divert their attention away from driving.