Open-tops - part two

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What Car? Staff
22 Apr 2009 16:40 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

BMW 320i Convertible SE
Price 31,255
Target Price 29,464
Economy 42.8mpg
CO2 157g/km

The 3 Series Convertible is great to drive, like all 3 Series models, and its punchy 2.0-litre enigne delivers not only the sort of performance you expect from a BMW, but the sort of miserly fuel economy rivals can only wish for.

Refinement is another strong point, whether you've got the roof up or down, and low CO2 emissions keep your tax bills lower than many rivals', too.

Porsche Boxster S
Price 40,653
Target Price 40,653
Economy 29.4mpg
CO2 230g/km

Let's keep it simple - the Boxster S is the best roadster you can buy for the money.

Sensational to drive, with fabulous grip, superb poise and tons of pull from its wonderful 306bhp 3.4-litre engine.

The Boxster S is also a great looker, reasonably practical and has plenty of seating space. Dropping the roof doesn't eat into luggage capacity, either.

Mini Cooper onvertible 1.6
Price 15,995
Target Price 15,838
Economy 49.6mpg
CO2 137g/km

Lots of things about the Mini Cooper Convertible are exceptional - not least the fun on offer.

There's far more to it than that, though - BMW's Efficient Dynamics system means it has outstanding fuel economy, CO2 emissions to beat everything in its class and resale values that are pretty fantastic, too.

First and foremost, though, it'll tickle the thrill-seeker in you. Fabulous.