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Lotus Elise

The Elise's formula is a simple one: do away with anything that adds unnecessary weight for an utterly pure driving experience.

True, its put on a few pounds both in weight and in price in the 10 years since its launch, but that hasnt stopped you voting it your favourite open-topped car for the first time.

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'I used to own a 99 Elise S1, which was pretty raw. This S2 model has grown up. The build quality is vastly better, and the cabin is as tight as a drum.

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'It's a perfectly decent everyday car, and I feel sorry for any keen driver who hasnt driven one.'
Paul Owen 1.8 111R

What a car! Everything about it is great.

'The handling and performance are simply brilliant, and Ive never owned a car that attracts so much attention.

'I find myself making up excuses to go and have a drive in it. If youre in two minds, I urge you to buy one. You definitely wont be disappointed with it.'
Darren Gascoigne 1.8 111

Once youve learned to get in and out elegantly, theres no reason you cant use an Elise as everyday transport
Justin Sheldon 1.8 111

Worst in class Ford Focus CC
The roof leaked. It started as a drip, but soon the passenger seat and carpet were saturated. Im very angry about this.
Catherine Byrne 2.0 TDCi CC-3