Performance and ride

* 5.2-litre V10 517bhp * Enough grip to suck oil out of Tarmac * From 99,575...

Performance and ride

On top of the stunning lines, the 5.2-litre V10 version of the R8 develops an equally stunning 517bhp, so it delivers near-instant throttle responses and truly staggering performance.

Blurry scenery aside, though, perhaps the most entertaining element of the V10 is the truly monumental noise it produces.

Crank it away from the mark and the twin oval exhausts emit a deep bellow that just increases in intensity until the rev counter homes in on the 8700rpm limiter.

On top of the aural delights, eye-of-the-needle precision and enough grip to suck oil out of Tarmac combine to deliver a truly phenomenal driving experience.

Much of this comes from the combination of Quattro four-wheel drive, the lightweight aluminium construction and the near perfect weight distribution from the mid-engined layout, although a hefty portion of credit goes to the perfectly tuned suspension.

Standard magnetic ride, which automatically adjusts the stiffness of the shock absorbers, allows the tyres to grip, rather than skip, over all manner of surfaces, so you always feel totally in control.

Then there's the added bonus of the excellent ride comfort. As a result, you can choose to fling your R8 around your favourite racetrack or cruise all day to your villa in perfect comfort.