Politicians told: 'don't ignore drivers'

* Potholes and petrol top concerns * Drivers' votes taken for 'granted' * Road satisfaction at lowest for a decade...

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What Car? Staff
13 April 2010

The poor state of roads and the cost of motoring top the list of issues that drivers want the next government to tackle, according to the RAC Foundation

Recent bad weather affecting the state of roads and record-high fuel prices have driven transport issues to the fore of the election campaign.

The RAC Foundation survey revealed that 77% of people regard potholes as a major problem in their area, while overall dissatisfaction with the road network is at its highest level for 10 years with 52% saying they're not happy.

The motorists' manifesto
When it comes to the transport priorities for the next government, 58% say it should be dealing with the condition of roads and pavements, with 46% looking for a new administration to curb the cost of motoring.

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, said: 'This survey starkly underlines the huge concern potholes and the rising cost of motoring are causing the majority of the British public.

'The nations 35 million drivers tend to be the silent majority and regarded as a soft touch by ministers, but with fuel prices at an all time high and the roads in such a desperate state of disrepair, no one seeking election should take their votes for granted.'