Promoted: Honda thinking - designed for your convenience

The new Honda Civic, Civic Tourer and CR-V come with simple, clever extras to make life that little bit more convenient for you...

Promoted: Honda thinking - designed for your convenience

You’ll never be short of space with Honda. The Lowest Load Lip on the Tourer is a massive help when loading heavy bags into the boot, while the Flat Floor on the CR-V is perfect for when you have to carry big loads with the seats folded down.

The great British weather can make driving a little tricky at times, but the Tourer and Civic come armed with auto rain-sensing wipers and anti-fog wing mirrors, which use a nifty beading treatment that makes water run off quickly.

The seating on the CR-V is designed to make life easier. Memory Seats let you set two position modes for the driver’s seat – which puts an end to arguments about how far forward it should be. Plus, the Lever Fold Seats flip and fold in a variety of combinations – so you can fit in all sorts of large and cumbersome items.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself…