Promoted: Honda thinking - parenting made easier

The new Honda Civic, Civic Tourer and CR-V are overflowing with smart features designed to take the stress out of family trips...

Promoted: Honda thinking - parenting made easier

Getting kids in and out of the car can be a daily struggle, but the 90-degree opening angle on the Civic’s doors means getting to seatbelts has never been easier. Even better, any mess they make is easily cleared away with Easy-Clean Carpets in the Tourer.

Long car journeys mean thinking of clever ways to keep the kids entertained. Luckily, the Civic, Tourer and CR-V all come with HDMI connectivity that lets you stream music from your smartphone directly to the car’s entertainment system.

Anyone with a family knows it’s important to keep an eye on money, so the CR-V, Civic and Tourer all come with a live readout of your average fuel consumption. This helps you get the most miles per gallon and drive more efficiently, keeping costs down.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself…