Promoted: Honda thinking - serious about safety

Honda’s new Civic, Civic Tourer and CR-V are packed with clever safety features to keep you and your passengers protected...

Promoted: Honda thinking - serious about safety

Two smart monitors will help you be more road-aware. The Blind-Spot Monitor on the Tourer and Civic tells you if a vehicle is behind you when you can’t see it in the mirrors, while the Cross-Traffic Monitor on the Tourer uses rear-side radars to warn you of approaching cars.

The CR-V arrives with Active Cornering Lights, which illuminate the part of the road you’re steering towards. Not only that, but the CR-V also has Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, which helps you maintain a constant distance from the car in front – even if it slows down.

Making phone calls has never been safer, with easy-to-use hands-free Bluetooth connectivity on the Civic and Tourer. And if you do have to brake heavily, the Tourer’s and Civic’s Emergency Stop Hazards flash automatically to warn other drivers.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself…