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What Car? Staff
4 Dec 2009 13:55 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

PC, Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox from 12.99

Learning curve

Pure is focused on pulling trick combinations as you fly from massive jumps on a quad bike. As you successfully build up the combos you unlock even harder supermoves that might have you mashing your controller randomly at first. You may even, like us, continue to tie your fingers in knots trying to tweak your move or somersault your steed.


A lot of the game's feeling of depth comes from the ability to customise and update your ride by an almost crazy amount. Should you pick the purple-anodised chain or the green? Although the tracks are a decent size, it often appears that you can explore further than you actually can step outside the bounds and you get penalised. Since it often looks like a 'sandbox' open environment, which it isn't, it can be frustrating.


Pure is quite slick. There are some nice fog and mud effects and the detail in each level is high. It immediately feels like Motorstorm, which we think has the edge on Pure for graphics, but this is good.


Even the most radical Californian quad-bike god is not going to be able to perform the majority of the tricks that are in this game. In case you thought that you might be able to go and try for yourself, the game helpfully lets you know that the moves are pure fantasy as well. When you're on the ground the handling of the bikes feel none too bad, though.

Off- and online

It's not easy to beat the computer, but that could be a result of our poor ability at combination button pressing (and not getting much in the way of boost as a result). Online you're up against up to 16 other competitors, all of whom seem to have fingers more nimble than an internationally renowned pianist.