RAC 12V Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

RAC 12V Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

RAC 12V Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
RRP 14.99
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While it's capable of picking up loose dust, this cleaner makes next to no progress on anything that has been ground into the carpet. Bigger items such as stones and leaves are left behind, too. It didn't help that the front-mounted dust collection bin kept falling off, either.

Ease of operation

Irritatingly, you have to keep the power button pressed in order to keep it on. The dust container is also awkward to remove and falls off too easily. The power cable does stow away tidily in a container at the rear of the cleaner, but it's three metres long, so owners of bigger cars may find it restricts their movements.


It's certainly cheap, and we managed to save a further one-third of its cost by shopping around on the internet. The fact that it can suck up liquids as well as solids means it is more versatile than many cleaners, too.


With its low price, it's no surprise to discover that this cleaner is a basic plastic model. There's no escaping it, either, as it is sold in RAC's orange and black corporate colour scheme, which may not be to everyone's tastes. That said, it's rugged enough for everyday use.

Special features

Three nozzle tools help get in crevices and brush clean particularly mucky marks, although their effectiveness is limited.