Revised Vauxhall Insignia cuts costs

* Better economy and lower emissions * Ecoflex models emit 129g/km of CO2 * Company car users benefit from lower tax rates...

Revised Vauxhall Insignia cuts costs

Several models in the Vauxhall Insignia range are now cheaper to run thanks to improved economy and reduced CO2 emissions.

The changes affect every 2.0-litre diesel engine in the range, including the Ecoflex models. In the hatchback and saloon ranges, their average economy has improved from 54.3mpg to 57.6, while CO2 emissions have dropped from 136g/km to 129g/km.

As a result buyers will benefit from better fuel consumption and no road tax in the first year of ownership.

Ecoflex versions of the Insignia Sports Tourer, meanwhile, have their CO2 emissions cut to 134g/km and their average economy improves from 53.3mpg to 55.4mpg.

At the same time, revisions to the CDTi 160 models mean their CO2 emissions drop by 10g/km to 144g/km, equating to 6.5% lower fuel consumption and a 2% drop in BIK tax for company car users.

The CDTi 130 engines emissions drop by 11.5%, while in the Sport Tourer, the 2.0-litre turbo engines emissions have been reduced by 5%. Whats more, Vauxhall says that further revisions mean that both of the CDTi engines are more refined.