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9 Dec 2009 17:21 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Leading figures in road safety have been rewarded for their efforts in reducing road casualties at the 2009 Prince Michael Road Safety awards.

Premier Award winner
The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Foundation for the Automobile and Society won the Premier Award for its global efforts in reducing deaths and injuries on the world's roads.

Decade of Action on Road Safety
The FIA Foundation has worked to improve safety through its Make Roads Safe campaign and was instrumental in organising the conference in Moscow last month, which was attended by ministers from 70 countries and launched the Decade of Action on Road Safety.

Current models predict that road-related fatalities will become one of the leading causes of deaths in low- and middle-income nations up to 2020. The Decade of Action on Road Safety aims to stabilise the death rate and challenge this forecast.

FIA Foundation director general David Ward accepted the award from HRH Prince Michael of Kent and said: 'This year has been an important turning point for global road safety. To reach this stage has required a team effort by a large number of organisations and individuals, and the FIA Foundation has been pleased to play its part.'

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For more information on the FIA Foundation's work on road safety visit

For a full run-down of all of the winners, including Volvo for its drive towards zero deaths, and the introduction of the seatbelt in 1959, plus education programmes that have significantly reduced deaths, reoffending rates and accidents, visit