Road safety channel on YouTube

* Footage to help learners * Theory test questions included * Free to use on your own website...

Road safety channel on YouTube

The Driver Standards Agency (DSA) has launched its own road safety channel on video-sharing website YouTube.

The channel broadcasts road safety videos that give advice to learner drivers and other road users.

Users of the site can also embed the videos in their own website, or on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Help for learner drivers
Content includes the 'Are You Ready?' films for car and motorcycle test candidates, along with examples of the new case study questions being introduced into the theory test from September 28.

The DSA's director of strategy and performance, Nick Carter, said: ' Using YouTube will let the DSA reach a wider audience than ever before we want to talk to our audiences on the platforms we know they use.

'By putting our videos on YouTube, we're catering for the growing number of people whose first choice to find information is to go online.'

Simply log on to to view the videos.